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Davey ChloroMatic Nipper 25g Chlorinator.

Ideal for in-ground and above groundresidential swimming pools.

Designed fornormal and low salt levels in mineral andnormal salt water pools.

Compatible with any type of salt your pool uses, whether it is natural, mineral or low salt, Nipper’s user-friendly modes let you tailor your chlorine output throughout the seasons.


  • UV stabilised enclosure for strength and durability
  • Digital LCD display for user-friendly operation
  • NEW high-performance reverse polarity U-shaped cell with easy-fit connection
  • Integrated safety flow switch with protection against gas generation with no flow
  • Modes for chlorine boost and chlorine reduction (including winter mode)
  • Maximum pool size cool climates 175,000L
  • Maximum pool size 25°C to 30°C 134,000L
  • Maximum pool size hot and tropical climates 112,000L

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